Friday, March 29, 2013

Pepper Crusted Fish Fillet with Roasted Potatoes

Last night's dinner was a pairing of pepper crusted dory fillet with salsa and roasted potatoes with rosemary.

This was the first time I got that golden brown hue from frying anything coated with bread crumbs so I felt pretty darn good. Also, the roasted potatoes were so easy to make and had that crisp on the outside, velvety soft texture on the inside thing going for it.

Although acceptable, I'm still not ready to bank them in my recipe box because the dory had a strange metallic taste (which Gary said was because I didn't defrost it enough) and the roasted potatoes were a bit salty, I also forgot to add garlic. Besides, the recipe I followed called for a mango-tomato salsa, but I wasn't able to get mangos so it became regular salsa lang.

This means that there will be a part two to this dish. Watch out for that.

In case anyone's interested, this is the recipe I followed for the pepper crusted fish fillet with mango salsa and this is for the rosemary roasted potatoes.

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